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    A new lifetime transferable warranty steel roof

    The work was done very efficiently and in a timely manner. We needed some extra pieces that did not come with the original delivery and these were delivered to us and installed in a professional and timely manner. The sales person (Denis) and the workers were very cordial.

    We will recommend New Steel Roofers Inc. to our friends and neighbors.

    Vic & Ilona Buxton
  • Oakville Metal Roofer


    Thank you New Steel Roofer Inc. The process was amazing from the moment we saw the roof at the home show right to the completed product which our neighbors and others all feel looks amazing!

  • Oakville Metal Roofer

    New steel roof

    We had the stone coat roof installed in April. The installation very professional and efficient. The roof looks fantastic and many of our neighbors wanted the contact information. We have a few styles of metal roofs in our area and this is by far the best looking one.

    Les Brown
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    Painted Slate Roof

    We had a wonderful experience with New Steel Roofers Inc.!
    Our Sales Representative was Chris and he was amazing! I had a very difficult time making a decision and he was extremely patient with me. I called him several times before even signing the proposal and he never made me feel like I was bothering him, nor did he pressure me at all. He answered all of my questions thoroughly, explaining everything and made me feel like I was able to make a very informed decision. Thanks Chris!

    I also dealt with Holly in the office and she was great! Prior to me making a decision, she sent me numerous addresses that I could go to in order to view the completed product on other houses. When it was time to actually schedule the installation, she said I could expect it to be done by the end of June, but it actually ended up being completed by the end of May, which was a very nice surprise!

    With respect to the installation, the installers were great as well! Our roof is not very big so they had it all completed in one day and worked like a well oiled machine. By the end of the day when they left, everything was cleaned up and you wouldn't even know they had been there.

    With respect to the product itself, we went with the Painted Slate profile by Metstar and are very happy with it so far. In my opinion, it is much nicer looking than the traditional style metal roofing. I was also slightly concerned about the noise as I read that it may be louder than traditional shingles, but we have had a number of heavy rainstorms since the installation and I have not noticed a difference in sound at all.

    Overall, we had an excellent experience and would sincerely recommend New Steel Roofers Inc. to anyone looking for a new roof!

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    Metal roof - Metstar Slate Plus Painted - Black

    Roof installed June 2018. Happy with the results & happy that the company responded to a question I had about the roof vent by sending someone out to inspect the roof. Max took the time to explain to me how the ridge venting worked on a metal roof as opposed to a tradition tile roof. All is good.

  • Oakville Metal Roofer

    Steel Roof

    After researching several roofing companies, both shingles and steel, I was influenced by the good reviews of New Steel Roofers Inc. on Home star and made the request for a quote on August 24 2015.

    From hereon, from start to finish, the staff and owners of New Steel were very courteous, pleasant, knowledgeable and very professional in every aspect. From Jill in the office, who promptly responded to my request for the quote the very next morning, to the Roofing Consultant , Alasdair who showed up at the scheduled day/time with the various samples for selection, to Max who was in charge of the project. Max and I were in contact via phone for few issues that were discussed, which were promptly addressed. 

    It is now three years since my installation with no issues to report. 
    Great Job New Steel 

    Anyone looking for a professional company with great customer service, New Steel Roofers Inc. is THAT Company.

    R Singh
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    Good People With Great Service!

    Ken came and gave us a quote. He was very knowledgeable and up front and honest. He got a rush job for us and our roof was completed just over a week from us signing a contract.

    Shea and his team of installers were fast, efficient and friendly.

    Holly, in the office, was delightful to deal with.

    Rob and Betti Stiff
  • Oakville Metal Roofer

    Metal Roof

    Our roof was installed in December within a week under some unfavorable conditions. The crew showed up on time and worked diligently including the clean up of debris. Encountered a few issues during installation but was quickly remedied by the installers. Overall pleased with the outcome.


    Metal Roofing Scarborough

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    Installation of Smooth Metal Roof in a week

    I got a quote in October 2018 with a great salesperson which was comparative with other steel roofing companies. Asphalt shingles quotes were about half the price of metal and need to be done every 10 to 12 years, so metal for the life of the house made sense.

    In March 2019, I called up the company and spoke with Holly and asked for early installation due to a leak in my roof. Holly at New Steel Roofers Inc. was more than willing to do the install ahead of schedule. All it took were two roof installers to remove all of my old venting and piping and install venting along the entire house which allows the entire attic to breath better. The installers were at my house for 4 days and they took their time to make sure the metal panels were installed properly. The installers did not rush anything and ensured a complete and proper install.

    I have had other people in the neighborhood compliment me on my roof install especially because it is different than all of the other steel roofing installations in Brampton. The roof I chose has "high albedo" which allows for high reflectivity of the sun's rays, so it should help out in the summer compared to shingles absorbing heat in the attic.

    This company has been completely transparent when dealing from the quote stage to the setup and final installation stages. I am beyond happy and will definitely recommend New Steel Roofers Inc. to my work colleagues and family. I will try to post a photo soon.

  • Oakville Metal Roofer

    Spectacular service and craftsmanship; worth every penny.

    We recently had our shingle roof (of roughly 15 years) replaced. The shingles were disintegrating, and we couldn’t put it off any longer. I wanted to do a metal roof because my family put one on our cottage 20 years ago, and it hasn’t aged a day.

    We met Denis the sales representative at the Ottawa Home Show and he was a knowledgeable, trustworthy gentleman who sold us on New Steel Roofers Inc. as they are not only an installer but a supplier to other metal roof companies. Holly the coordinator was indispensable in acquiring the materials, setting up the job, and taking care of all the paperwork. Chris the project manager was terrific in coordinating the crew, who managed to install our new metal roof in a single day. Yves and his workers arrived early, had beautiful weather for installing a roof, did a tremendous job in terms of craftsmanship, and an excellent job in cleaning up after the job (leaving almost no debris or materials behind on the property).

    While it was (admittedly) the expensive option for us to install a metal roof over conventional (and cheaper) shingles, I’m happy we did because the new roof comes with a 50-year transferable warranty, which will both increase our property value over time, and give us the peace-of-mind that no matter what happens with our home, the roof will never be a concern.


    Brantford Metal Roofing

    Matt McG