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Roofing Services

Over the last 20+ years New Steel Roofers, Inc. has been a leader in the industry offering only metal roofing solutions. We understand the desire to protect your investment, whether that be your home, cottage, or commercial property. We offer a wide variety of metal roofing products, including painted and stone-coated steel shingles, that will fit every budget.

Our Metal Roofs offer

  • Strength
    Our Metal Roofs are extremely durable. Withstanding up to 200 km winds, protecting you against raccoons and other pests.
  • Beauty
    We offer many different profiles of Metal Roofing, something to suit everyone’s style.
  • Value
    Metal Roofing is Energy Efficient, Environmentally Friendly and will last a lifetime, saving you thousands over time.
Roofing Services
    • Supply and Install Metal Roofing

    We supply and install only the best quality metal roofs. We offer both stone coated and painted metal roofing options.


    • Emergency Repairs

    Here at New Steel Roofers, Inc. we understand that the unexpected can happen. That’s why we offer emergency repairs when the unexpected occurs.


    • Metal Roofing Repairs

    Having problems with your existing metal roof? Can’t get help from the original metal roofing company you hired? We hear from numerous people a year about how the roofing company they used closed or the roofing company they choose won’t call them back now that there is a problem.


    • Extras

    We also install Velux skylights, remove chimneys and install Eavestrough.